Da Ming Xuan An Lu Zhi Yin Chi Pian (2024)


It tells the story of the 12th year of Chenghua’s reign in the Ming Dynasty when a black eye suddenly appeared in the capital and hurt people. The female head catcher Ding Zhao Zhao of the Six Doors, the robber Chu Bu Fan, the head catcher He Yue Fei of the Six Doors and others worked together to solve the case. Mystery, the story of tracing the truth and protecting the stability of the capital.

Also known as: Uncensored Cases of the Ming Dynasty: Black Eyes Da Ming Xuan An Lu Zhi Hei Sheng 大明悬案录之黑眚 大明懸案錄之隱翅篇 大明懸案錄之黑眚


Status: Ongoing

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