Little Finger (2024)


Yong Ho, a criminal with a criminal record for attempted murder, was fleeing on a motorcycle to avoid being pursued by the police. However, he collided with a girl who was crossing the sidewalk, causing an accident and being arrested by the police pursuing him. Yong Ho, who was arrested, is released after serving three years in prison. After being released from prison, Yong Ho vows to take care of his widowed mother and make a fresh start, but upon his arrest, he learns that a girl, Chae Bin, has been in the hospital in a vegetative state due to a motorcycle accident for the past three years. While Yong Ho was serving his prison sentence, his mother helped pay for the hospital expenses of Chae Bin, who was in a vegetative state, in order to pay for her child’s sins. To achieve this, she uses the house she was living in as collateral to borrow a private loan from her friend, a sodomite. Yong Ho, who found out about this after being released from prison, resents Chae Bin, who is bedridden in a vegetative state. However, every time he sees Chae Bin lying in the hospital room without waking up, he finds himself feeling sorry for himself in the back of his mind. Meanwhile, Yong Ho sees his mother illegally selling food at the market to pay his hospital bills… Tears are flowing endlessly from his eyes…

Director: Choi Jong Hyeon

Also known as: Saekkisongarak


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:



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